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About Generation Digital


Business Meeting with LaptopGeneration Digital Solutions is a leading provider of custom software development applications. Applying expertise to the needs of our individual customers, we build desktop, tablet, mobile, and web applications for leading companies within multiple industries.

Utilizing the best development tools on the market, as well as incorporating the latest technology for development processes, we develop within many different environments. Generation Digital Solutions is not tied down to a specific development process, or limited to a single industry. We offer custom software development within a range of markets that include; Graphic Design, Medical, Business to Business, Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM), Universities and Education, Real Estate, Government, Raster Image Processor (RIP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and more. We have developed best-in-class applications for some of the largest retailers and brands within the creative and computer aided design (CAD) markets.


Trusted USA Based Software Development

Founded in 2009 by designers and entrepreneurs with a vision, Generation Digital Solutions is a trusted firm that does not use any offshore programmers. Our strong team of engineers develop reliable applications for your specific needs, and produce top quality coding in a timely manner.

Commitment to Customized Service

Our mission is to provide high-end software development and consulting services to our clients, unmatched in the industry. Our management team of creative designers is uniquely positioned to translate your ideas to our technical development team. We review each step of the development process with you, providing a high level of interaction and transparency that keeps you informed at every step in the development cycle.

All development is done in-house, we do not use any offshore programmers. This ensures a very targeted and sophisticated development process. Our goal is a positive experience for you and your team, as we create performance enhancing applications and tools for you that are visually, aesthetically and technically superior to what you currently use.



Adobe Plugin Development

Generation Digital Solutions creates custom projects based on your needs. We have extensive experience developing Photoshop and Illustrator plug-ins, extensions, and scripts for Windows and Mac. Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss your goals.


Adobe Plugin Technologies

With 6+ years of delivering many Adobe Plug-in projects for our clients, Generation Digital Solutions’ team of PC and Mac developers have advanced expertise in different technologies.

We can develop plugins for all Adobe Creative Cloud Products:

• Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Light Room • After Effects • Premiere Pro


Illustrator and Photoshop Plug-ins and Industries

Generation Digital Solutions have provided cutting edge solutions for a range of clients. Some of the industries we are able to support include:

Software Developer• Textile and Fashion Industry

• Graphics/Imaging/CAD Industry

• Gaming Industry

• Publishing Industry

• Forensics

• Government Agencies


Illustrator Plug-in Systems

Generation Digital Solutions has delivered various applications, systems, and software with Illustrator Plugin. Here are some examples of the applications that we have developed.


  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 1
  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 2
  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 3
  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 4
  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 5
  • Illustrator Repeat Plugin Screenshot 6
  • Illustrator Fashion Sketch Plugin Screenshot 1
  • Illustrator Fashion Sketch Plugin Screenshot 2
  • Illustrator Weave Plugin Screenshot 1
  • Illustrator Weave Plugin Screenshot 2



To discuss our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us at mforman@generation-digital.net or call 1-212-391-2370.

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Client Testimonials
Take a look at who we’ve worked with, what we’ve done, and what our customers say about us.

  • "With both the creative left brain and the logical right brain, Generation Digital has developed for us an idiot proof application that has style and functions seamlessly. Their collaborative team quickly understands the requirements-producing extremely efficient results."

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Generation Digital Delivers

Creative Software Developer
  • USA Based Reliability

    As a NYC software development company, our skilled in-house programmers are native English speakers who don't require constant micromanagement.

  • Fast & Responsive Expertise

    Our proven team offers expert feedback, works fast, and keeps you up-to-date from start to finish.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We are as affordable as offshore, but with none of the delays and misunderstandings that arise from language and cultural barriers.

Why Work with Generation Digital?

Software Design Consulting PartnershipBecause the right technology can help you to solve your biggest business challenges.

A partnership is the best way to describe the relationship between Generation Digital and our clients. Our team creates a plan of action and custom code based on the unique needs of your business.

With Generation Digital you get:

US-Based Development. Offshore providers often lack the critical detail and nuanced communications necessary for custom software development, but this is where Generation Digital really shines. Our experienced team uses cutting edge methodologies to keep projects on time, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Boutique Service. Our clients benefit from a unique development model focused on building smaller, more efficient teams. We know well the impact of time and resources on productivity and profit, but we also take time to listen to be sure we understand your goals.

Specialized Expertise. The Generation Digital team provides superior expertise; from brainstorming to final production. We focus on a custom plan of action to address issues, find solutions, and establish a realistic balance between cost, timing and expectations.

Top Quality Product. No matter what application needs to be developed, you can count on us for innovative code designed to solve your biggest business challenges.

Competitive Pricing. We deliver the highest quality in service and software, at the most competitive price possible. Not only do we have the best pricing in the industry for onshore development, but we can also compete on cost with the majority of offshore providers.

Give us a call today for a free, no obligation phone consultation.


We develop using the following software frameworks:

• C++ • Windows SDK • MacOSX API • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop SDK • QT • Iphone and Android API • C# • Microsoft .NET • php MySQL • Chrome • JavaScript • python • HTML5

Who Are Generation Digital Clients?

Complex Businesses - businesses of all sizes need to trim expenses, bring new and re-engineered products to market faster, and to have immediate and direct access to a reliable and professional onshore service provider.
Large Global Companies - highly sophisticated global companies recognize the need for a skilled outsourcing partner to build custom solutions that generate high returns with low risk.
Specialty Organizations - small or mid-sized niche organizations with software voids need high quality custom tools or applications that can address targeted challenges within their specific environment.

  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Generation Digital - Specializing in Creative Design Applications
  • Generation Digital Multiple Programming Languages



Our Work

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Jo-Ann Fabrics Customization Tool


  • Custom Fabric RIP Printing Software


This is a web based fabric customization tool for Jo-Ann Fabrics customers. It allows users to order fabric with a unique message added to the design. It takes custom text input as well as font and color selection. The slider below the preview image lets the user zoom in and out to see the details of their fabric.

When the customer completes their order, the design is automatically sent to a digital printer. This is integrated into Ergosoft RIP (Raster Image Processor) software. The fabric is printed and then shipped to the customer. We have connected the entire process from the designer web application to on-demand printing.


Click on the images for more details about some of the other projects we have worked on.

Illustrator Plugins
  • Coyote Weave

    Coyote Weave Design - 
jacquard dobby weave
  • Coyote Knit

    Coyote Knit Design
  • Coyote Repeat

    Coyote Repeat - create repeat patterns inside of Illustrator
  • Coyote Colorist

    Coyote Colorist recoloring artwork tool
  • Coyote Fashion Sketch

    Coyote Fashion Sketch - create symmetrical garments.
  • Coyote Fashion Utiity

    Coyote Fashion Utility - automate patterns and colors for storyboarding
  • Coyote Geo

    Coyote Geo - create geometric motifs for your repeat.
  • Coyote Color Range

    Coyote Color Range Pro - match colors from Adobe to the printer.
  • Design Utilities

    Coyote Design Utilities - organize color and patterns.


Photoshop Plugins
  • Coyote RS Repeat

    Coyote RS Repeat - create repeat patterns in Photoshop
  • Coyote RS Colorist

    Coyote Colorist recoloring artwork tool

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Corporate Partnership Pricing

Desktop Mobile Tablet DevelopmentCorporate pricing is an all-inclusive contract to work with us as an ongoing development partner, with monthly rates for full time development needs. This structure is beneficial for companies that need tools developed and engineered properly without the expense of hiring an internal development team.

This structure also allows Generation Digital to pick the best developers needed, and efficiently switch developer roles based on the expertise fine-tuned to each custom project. Please contact us to determine the most efficient pricing agreement based on the goals you have.

Project Pricing

Project pricing is an all-inclusive contract for a single project. With this pricing structure you provide us with the goals you are trying to achieve, and we will create a pricing and payment plan based on that specific tool set. This provides an easy to manage payment plan as goals are met within the project. Call us for a quote on a pricing and development timeline based on your specific needs.

Competitive Quotes

Our mission is to provide quality onshore software development at a cost that is manageable for you and your team. If your company is currently working with another quote or contract, let us show you how we can provide superior service and a better quality product structured to meet your goals at or under budget.


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Generation Digital is in the heart of the Fashion District in NYC. We do all of our development on-site here, and take pride in the work we do. We have a real passion for building great quality products with the end user in mind. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!




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